Patience Pine



Face: 2

  • Charm:
  • Connive:
  • Put-down:
    Brains: 1
  • Notice: 4
  • Remember:
  • Out-think:
    Guts: 2
  • Courage:
  • Wind:
  • Wrestling:
    Hands: 5
  • Shop:
  • Punching:
  • Blocking:
  • P.E.:
  • Dodging: 4
  • Kicking: 4
    Global Stats:
  • Stealth: 3


  • Camera- 2
  • Work-a-holic Dad- 1
  • Dance Mom- 3

Patience lives in a fairly well-to-do family. Her dad is a business executive, busy but caring. Her mother has fully devoted herself to Patience’s dancing. She’s always there to drive Patience forty-five minutes away to the dance studio and buy her gatorade and leg-warmers.

Patience isn’t very smart, but she needs to keep her grades up to keep her parents happy. Her father won’t let her dance if her grades slip below a B average.

Patience has to study a lot in order to make that happen, even if it means studying in the car on the way to rehearsal.

Somehow, Patience finds time to fit in a few extra-curriculurs and hobbies, though it might be at the expense of her own sanity.

Patience has a thick mess of sandy-red hair that she rarely finds time to tame outside of dancing. She’s almost never sitting still. Most of the time, the only thing visible of her is a blur of hair and loose-fitting sweaters as she goes careening around a corner with a mountain of homework balanced in one hand and a sports drink in the other.

Patience Pine

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